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Things We Left Behind, Lucy Score

Story Blurb

There was only one woman who could set me free. But I would rather set myself on fire than ask Sloane Walton for anything.

Lucian Rollins is a lean, mean vengeance-seeking mogul. On a quest to erase his father’s mark on the family name, he spends every waking minute pulling strings and building an indestructible empire. The more money and power he amasses, the safer he is from threats.

Except when it comes to the feisty small-town librarian that keeps him up at night…

Sloane Walton is a spitfire determined to carry on her father’s quest for justice. She’ll do that just as soon as she figures out exactly what the man she hates did to—or for—her family. Bonded by an old, dark secret from the past and the dislike they now share for each other, Sloane trusts Lucian about as far as she can throw his designer-suited body.

When bickering accidentally turns to foreplay, these two find themselves not quite regretting their steamy one-night stand. Once those flames are fanned, it seems impossible to put them out again. But with Sloane ready to start a family and Lucian refusing to even consider the idea of marriage and kids, these enemies-to-lovers are stuck at an impasse.

Broken men break women. It’s what Lucian believes, what he’s witnessed, and he’s not going to take that chance with Sloane. He’d rather live a life of solitude than put her in danger. But he learns the hard way that leaving her means leaving her unprotected from other threats.

It’s the second time he’s ruthlessly cut her out of his life. There’s no way she’s going to give him a third chance. He’s just going to have to make one for himself.

My Thoughts/Opinion

I'm not even sure I'm ready to let this book go. Lucy Score saved the best for last in this series, and it's not even close. I LOVED this book so much. I think it helped that in the first two books, we got little looks of Lucian and Sloane that made us want to know their story. But it was so so so much better than I could have even hoped for. Lucian is such a hero in my heart. I ache for his broken places. And there would never ever be another woman better for him than Sloane. I'm sad this series is over, but man what a great way to go!

Favorite Quote:

“my oldest enemy stirred. Hope. Some of us didn’t get the luxury of hope. Some of us weren’t worthy of it.”

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