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The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes, Xio Axelrod

Story Blurb

A Star is Born meets Daisy Jones and the Six by way of Colleen Hoover in this unique story following an all-female band on the brink of breaking out. This diverse cast of characters play hard and love matter the ultimate price.

Growing up in dive bars up and down the East Coast, Toni Bennette's guitar was her only companion...until she met Sebastian Quick. Seb was a little older, a lot wiser, and before long he was Toni's way out, promising they'd escape their stifling small town together. Then Seb turned eighteen and split without looking back.

Now, Toni's all grown up and making a name for herself in Philadelphia's indie scene. When a friend suggests she try out for a hot new up-and-coming band, Toni decides to take a chance. Strong, feminist, and fierce as fire, Toni B. and the Lillys are the perfect match...except Seb's now moonlighting as their manager. Whatever. Toni can handle it. No problem. Or it wouldn't be if Seb didn't still hold a piece of her heart...not to mention the key to her future.

My Thoughts/Opinion

There were a lot of elements to this story that I like - Toni's hard-knock life, her killer talent, her quandary about her life's direction. They writing itself was really good. But as a romance, it was lacking. Seb, her love interest, left a lot to be desired. His actions and personality were a disappointment repeatedly throughout the story. I really wanted to root for their HEA, but I think Toni could have done a heck of a lot better.

Favorite Quote:

“I am under you.

How could I be so wrong?

The years have not scrubbed you from my veins.

I am under you.

Though it's been too long

Since you almost kissed me in the rain.

I am under you.

Strange to ever think that I was free.

I am under you, and I hope that you're not over me.”

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