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Harper, the Stewarts of Skagway Book 2, Katy Regnery

Story Blurb

Joe Raven. My first love. My only, ever love.

Harper Stewart and Joe Raven have loved each other since childhood. From elementary school to middle school, through high school and into college, they were each other's first crush, first kiss, first love, first everything... until something happened which tore them apart. Ten years later, Harper and Joe will finally confront the long-buried secrets that ended their relationship. Will the same secrets that almost destroyed them now threaten any chance of a future together? Or will the deep love they once shared give them the strength and courage to forgive?

My Thoughts/Opinion

The hook for this book was quite good - it made me want to read it. I was introduced to Harper and Joe in book one and had to know what had torn them apart. I thought the author did a good job with the trauma of the breakup and the subsequent process of forgiveness. If I had one complaint, it was that Joe often felt like a doormat and I wish he had had at least a few experiences outside of his love for Harper to make it feel like a healthier relationship.

Favorite Quote:

And that's when I know. No matter what happened in the past, and no matter how uncertain the future, Haper Stewart is my forever. Always was. Always will be.

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