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Worth It Series

Worth It Series Book 1​

A Chance Worth Taking

Her dream of a stable, secure future crumbles as murder and lies send her down a path she never expected to take.


Straight-laced accountant Hadley Bruce has paid every price and mapped out her life in meticulous detail. Everything is working according to plan until her boss unexpectedly forces her to take a sabbatical. Then her carefree cousin Sophie browbeats her into a trip to the San Juan Mountains. Oh, then there’s the dead body.


Private Investigator Noah Dalton is hired to find out who’s trying to frame his client – wealthy businessman and gubernatorial candidate Miguel Herrera. Noah heads under cover to the quaint town of Ouray, Colorado where he meets Hadley, his first suspect.


What neither of them expected was their instant, powerful attraction.


As the killer’s web surrounds Noah and Hadley, they work together to unearth the town’s secrets and keep the killer from striking again. Fate brings them together, but Noah’s own secrets may ultimately tear them apart.


A Chance Worth Taking is the thrilling first book in the Worth It Romantic Suspense Series. If you like life-changing, high-reward, redemptive romance, you’ll love this Michelle Grey journey.

Worth It Series Book 2

A Love Worth Saving

He almost destroyed her once. Now, he’s back. And more addictive than ever.

Coming Fall 2023

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