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The Fine Print, Lauren Asher

Story Blurb


I’m in the business of creating fairy tales.

Theme parks. Production companies. Five-star hotels.

Everything could be all mine if I renovated Dreamland.

My initial idea of hiring Zahra was good in theory, but then I kissed her.

Things spiraled out of control once I texted her using an alias.

By the time I realized where I went wrong, it was too late.

People like me don’t get happy endings.

Not when we’re destined to ruin them.


After submitting a drunk proposal criticizing Dreamland’s most expensive ride, I should have been fired.

Instead, Rowan Kane offered me a dream job.

The catch? I had to work for the most difficult boss I’d ever met.

Rowan was rude and completely off-limits, but my heart didn’t care.

At least not until I discovered his secret.

It was time to teach the billionaire that money couldn’t fix everything.

Especially not us.

My Thoughts/Opinion

There were lots of things to love about this story. The grumpy/sunshine trope I truly enjoy, the setting (who doesn't love a Disneyesque venue), the representation (loved Ani!). And I really loved Zahra and her sunshine. I had a harder time connecting with Rowan, and never did really understand the family angst. It just didn't feel totally fleshed out to me. Also, didn't love the repetitiveness of Rowan's screw-ups then immediate "I didn't really mean it. Give me another chance" vibes. The story is part one of a 3-part series, so maybe the family angst will come together for me in subsequent books.

Favorite Quote:

“If I had a heart to give, it would be all yours. Free of cost.”

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