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Unhinged, JB Schroeder

Story Blurb

This single mother will stop at nothing to keep her son safe…

When Tori Radnor finally catches a break, she’s sure things are about to turn around. That is, if she can keep the attraction to her new partner under wraps. When the job brings threats to her doorstep, however, she needs his protection—far more than she needs to avoid him.

When Aiden Miller discovers something dangerous in one of his stores, the police insist on his silence during the investigation. Now, he can’t keep his side of the bargain with the sexy social worker. Worse, he’s terrified he won’t be able to keep her—or her son—safe.

The heat between Tori and Aiden can’t be denied. Inexplicably, their relationship only fans the flames of danger. Someone wants them apart. Someone wants them all dead. When a mother’s worst nightmare happens, Tori and Aiden must act fast before it all becomes unhinged.

My Thoughts/Opinion

This was a pretty tight romantic suspense. I thought the characters were all well motivated and the suspense elements were done well. There were a couple of times I had to suspend disbelief, but all in all, it was an enjoyable read with some good strong sexual tension throughout.

Favorite Quote/Scene: For an in-charge kind of guy, she decided much later, her leg draped over his, his arm anchoring her to his side, he took orders well.

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