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Baby Take Me Home, Harper Cross

Story Blurb

Telling her the truth could mean losing her forever.


As a journalist investigating my own unsolved kidnapping, I’m willing to risk anything to find the perpetrators. When I nearly blow my cover, a mysterious man rescues me, then warns me away from the story. I know I should be terrified of the dark forces at play, but something tells me I can trust this man. Soon, I only feel safe when I’m by his side.

TJ Russo knows more about my kidnapping than he’s admitting, and I’m determined to drag the whole story out of him. The only problem is I’m falling for my sexy protector.

And now I have to choose between learning the truth and staying in his life.


Six months ago, my covert agency, HEAT, rescued Ashlee Armand from the crime syndicate The Carbonados. When the intrepid reporter shows up in the middle of another operation targeting the dangerous organization, I realize she’s in harm’s way again. To keep her out of a HEAT versus Carbonados showdown, I take her under my protection.

When that ill-advised move puts her at more risk, it’s clear I have to send her away for her safety. But she isn’t the kind of woman to go quietly.

And I don’t know how to let go of the smart, sexy woman who has captured my heart.

My Thoughts/Opinion

Romantic suspense is such a fun genre to read when it's done well, and Harper Cross does it well. This book felt short to me but that's only because it read so smoothly. There wasn't a single wasted word and every scene mattered. The premise was solid and the entire story was seamless and so good. She nailed the chemistry between the main characters, and was able to weave in a bit of backstory without it feeling intrusive (this was book 5 in a series). I'll absolutely read more from this author. So good!!

Favorite Quote:

This was a game, and I wanted to play it. I wanted to know what he would demand of me next. i wanted to find out how he would reward me for obeying. I gripped the hem of my tee shirt, pulled it off over my head, and dropped it to the floor.

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