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The Reluctant Countess, Eloisa James

Story Blurb

Giles Renwick, Earl of Lilford, has never made a fool of himself over a woman—until he meets Lady Yasmin Régnier. Yasmin is ineligible for his attentions in every way: not as a wife, certainly not as a mistress (she is a lady!), nor even as a friend, since they vehemently dislike each other.  Her gowns are too low, and her skirts are dampened to cling to admittedly lovely thighs. She loves to gossip—and giggle. 

She isn’t dignified, or polite, or even truly British, given that her father’s French ancestry clearly predominated. Not to mention the fact that her mother had been one of Napoleon’s mistresses, a fact she makes no effort to hide.

So what—in heaven’s name—possesses him to propose?

And what will he do if she says yes?

My Thoughts/Opinion

It's been a minute since I've escaped with a historical romance, and Eloisa James is a fantastic author, a staple in the genre. I didn't quite connect with our heroine, Yasmin, in this story, though I did feel sorry for her backstory and experience. Giles was also hard for me to connect with. His backstory felt weak, and I struggled to care much about him. Made it hard for me to root for these two, but I will be back to try another by this author. Sometimes, no matter how good the author, a book is a miss.

Favorite Quote:

“I want you to know that my respect for you has only deepened after learning of his seduction. You were taken advantage of, yet did not allow him to steal you, the essential you, the joyful you. You did not allow his evil intentions to define you.”

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