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A Taste of Seduction, Mary Campisi

Story Blurb

Love and Betrayal…Regency style

A young woman of noble blood, raised as a peasant girl…

An orphaned stable boy, now grown and the surrogate son of a powerful earl—the same earl who just so happens to be the young woman’s father…

Francie Jordan and Alexander Bishop have nothing in common—she runs barefoot and talks to animals. He won’t loosen his cravat unless the bedroom door is firmly closed. She believes in love, second chances, and happily ever after. He believes in keeping a safe distance from anything that resembles an emotion. Indeed, they have nothing in common but an undeniable desire for one another they can’t ignore, and an ailing “father” who will employ any means to bring them together.

Unfortunately, not everyone wishes to see a union between Francie and Alexander, and they will stop at nothing to keep this couple apart.

My Thoughts/Opinion

I enjoyed the premise of this story. The characters had compelling backstories and a satisfying character arc. I found the antagonist(s) to be a bit cartoonish and the black moment scene a little author convenient, but I was able to overlook those things with the quality of the writing and the quest for the HEA.

Favorite Quote/Scene: “But that's the problem, Francie," he whispered, his voice ragged and filled with anguish. "I'm not happy. Not anymore." He ran a hand through his hair and closed his eyes. "Not without you."

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