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Mine Till Midnight, Lisa Kleypas

Story Blurb

In Mine Till Midnight, no-nonsense Miss Amelia Hathaway has no time for romance--but she can’t resist matching wits with a sexy former card sharp named Cam Rohan.

After inheriting a country estate, the Hathaway siblings are trying to recover from their troubled past and make a new start. As the family struggles with unforeseen problems, Cam Rohan keeps stepping in to help . . . and Amelia realizes the unpredictable charmer is actually a man she can rely on. During a night of blazing passion, the freedom-loving Cam makes it clear he’s willing to make any sacrifice for the woman who’s stolen his heart. But before they can plan a life together, they’re confronted by an enemy who’s bent on destroying the Hathaway family . . . all to keep them from discovering a centuries-old secret that could change their lives.

My Thoughts/Opinion

Lisa Kleypas has been one of my favorite romance authors for EVER. So, I ran across this book (and the whole Hathaway series) and was shocked that until now, I hadn't known about them! It was like my birthday and Christmas all in one, so of course, I devoured this book in a day. I knew Cam (the hero) from a previous series and was so glad he got his HEA. Amelia was a great heroine with a complex family and backstory. I have never read a Lisa Kleypas story that I wouldn't recommend, and that streak continues. Enjoy!

Favorite Quote/Scene: "Never be afraid to hope," Rohan said gently. "It's the only way to begin."

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