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Twisted Lies, Ana Huang

Story Blurb

He'll do anything to have her...including lie.

Charming, deadly, and smart enough to hide it, Christian Harper is a monster dressed in the perfectly tailored suits of a gentleman.

He has little use for morals and even less use for love, but he can’t deny the strange pull he feels toward the woman living just one floor below him.

She’s the object of his darkest desires, the only puzzle he can’t solve. And when the opportunity to get closer to her arises, he breaks his own rules to offer her a deal she can’t refuse.

Every monster has their weakness. She’s his.

His obsession.

His addiction.

His only exception.


Sweet, shy, and introverted despite her social media fame, Stella Alonso is a romantic who keeps her heart in a cage.

Between her two jobs, she has little time or desire for a relationship.

But when a threat from her past drives her into the arms—and house—of the most dangerous man she’s ever met, she’s tempted to let herself feel something for the first time in a long time.

Because despite Christian’s cold nature, he makes her feel everything when she’s with him.



Truly wanted.

Theirs is a love twisted with secrets and tainted by lies…and when the truths are finally revealed, they could shatter everything.

My Thoughts/Opinion

In general, I'm a fan of a good alpha hero (sometimes even an alpha-hole.) Christian definitely fits that bill, but is much darker than most I've read. Stella is the antithesis of Christian, sweet and kind, if a bit shallow. Definitely an opposites attract vibe with plenty of angst to go around. The book was decent, but man it was long. I think the author could have probably accomplished the story in about 2/3 of the word count. Maybe if I'd have liked the characters more, I wouldn't have be in such a hurry for it to end.

Favorite Quote/Scene: If my thoughts were chaos, she was my anchor. They always went back to her.

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