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The Boyfriend Effect, Kendall Ryan

Story Blurb

A sexy new brother's best friend romance from New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan.

I’m not boyfriend material. If a trail of broken hearts and a piss-poor record of failed relationships have taught me anything, it’s this.

My buddies are happy to give me shit about my latest breakup from here to next Sunday. Thanks, but I’d rather have a root canal. And a vasectomy. At the same time.

Relief comes in an unlikely package—the gorgeous and feisty Maren. She just so happens to be my best friend’s sister, so that’s not awkward at all. But I’m a man on a mission, and Maren is down to teach me all the ways I’ve been failing as a boyfriend. Apparently, there are many. And it’s all very informative—until I start to catch feelings.

Now it’s not just my reputation on the line, but my heart too.

My Thoughts/Opinion

This was my first Kendall Ryan book (I think) and unfortunately, I just couldn't get into it. The writing is good and there were some funny moments, but I never really connected enough to be invested in the characters. My other challenge with it was that I felt like the biggest conflict between the hero and heroine could have been easily and quickly resolved with a conversation. The bright spot for me was the little subplot/new love found by Hayes' grandma Rosie. I'm happy to try another book by this author but this one just missed the mark for me.

Favorite Quote/Scene: “Always put the other person’s needs first,” he says, staring seriously into Rosie’s eyes. “Even when it’s hard. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Even when you think your needs are really important. Love is sacrifice, and your actions should reflect that.”

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