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Tanner, The Stewarts of Skagway #1, Katy Regnery

Story Blurb

When Tanner Stewart learns his crazy ex is returning for a summer in Skagway, he places a personal ad, looking for someone to pose as his fiancée for the summer. Enter McKenna Cabot, a commitment-phobic college professor from Seattle caring for her aging grandmother. The promise of seasonal money is too good to pass up, so she heads north for the summer only to fall head over heels for tall, blonde, and handsome Tanner. But are their feelings strong enough to last when the season is over?

My Thoughts/Opinion

The Stewarts of Skagway is a six-book series. The second book in the series (Harper) was recommended to me somewhere and I thought the premise was intriguing. Then I realized there was this one book ahead of it and so I started here first. The book was well written, if not a bit of a stretch in a few places. I liked the FMC's motivation, the Stewart family, and the solid glimpse into Skagway history and culture. I'm also a sucker for a golden retreiver hero. This book felt a little generic to me, but I liked it well enough to venture on to Harper's story (review coming soon.)

Favorite Quote:

"The only life I want is the one that includes you, Kenna."

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