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Something Unexpected, Vi Keeland

Updated: Jul 28

Story Blurb

When my grandmother found out she didn’t have long to live, she embarked on a crazy trip—jumping out of airplanes and scuba diving with sharks.

After I repeatedly voiced my concern, Gram blocked me—her own grandson—on text and social media, leaving me only her travel companion Eleanor’s number.

Eleanor started sending me pictures of Gram’s adventures. At first she seemed nice, but when I attempted to persuade her to talk some sense into her friend, she told me where I could stick my advice. After that, photos arrived with snarky comments, and Eleanor and I got into it on more than one occasion.

When I heard Gram’s upcoming plans were more dangerous than ever, I hopped on a plane.

Since I arrived late, I headed to the bar for a drink, figuring I’d surprise her in the morning.

To my delight, I met a gorgeous woman looking for a no-strings-attached night. Nora was just what I needed. She invited me back to her room, telling me to give her a ten-minute head start. But when I went to pay her bar tab, I realized how much she’d had to drink. As much as I wanted to ignore it, I couldn’t. So I stood Nora up.

I knew she’d be pissed, but I also knew I’d never see her again.

Except never came a little early. Namely, the next morning when I went to meet my grandmother and her evil-spinster friend. Because old Eleanor turned out to be young Nora from last night. And if I thought the woman disliked me before, that was nothing compared to how ticked-off she was now. Or how unhappy she was going to be that their party of two was about to become a party of three.

My Thoughts/Opinion

I had a lot of interesting feelings about this book. I'm not super into hate-sex so I struggled with the first part of the book. The second part of the book threw me for a loop. I won't spoil it but I will say that I've never read a romance with that story line. All in all, I liked the characters and the story line was compelling. I think my favorite character, though, was probably Beck's Gram, Louise.

Favorite Quote/Scene: "Sometimes we find the right person at the wrong time. And we just have to trust fate."

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