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Simply the Best, Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Story Blurb

Take one hard-driving sports agent…

Throw in a failed chocolatier…

And her superstar football player brother…

Add a quirky pink and purple food truck…

Then, to really screw things up, mix in a very unfortunate murder.

Brett Rivers is the hottest sports agent in the business—fast and furious, swift and deadly. Failure? Not an option.

Rory Garrett is—let’s be honest—a disaster. She has a big heart, an empty bank account, a passion for making exquisite chocolate, and a huge inferiority complex from living in the shadow of Brett’s most important client, her football legend brother.

Brett and Rory should never have met, and they absolutely, positively should never have had to deal with the consequences of one stupid, drunken night…one disastrous lie…one career in jeopardy…one missing football player…and a very dead body.

It’s going to get messy…and dangerous…and heartbreaking…and sexy. To Rory, Brett represents skewed values and a devious mind. To Brett, Rory is forbidden fruit, off limits, do not disturb, and no entry—definitely no entry.

A woman who has succeeded at nothing and a man who’s succeeded at everything confront the challenge of their lives as they struggle with themselves and each other. When it comes to love—what price are any of us willing to pay to be simply the best?  

My Thoughts/Opinion

I have long adored Susan Elizabeth Phillips' writing, especially the Chicago Stars series so I highly anticipated this recent release. The chemistry between Brett and Rory was strong, but I struggled to get behind Brett's only-business-matters arc. There was never really an explanation as to how he got there. Rory reminded me of Piper from First Star I See Tonight (one of my fave's), but a little less...everything. The underlying murder mystery was a little thin but I definitely want to read Clint's story down the road!

Favorite Quote:

"Everything's a competition to you. It's in your DNA. But I'm not like that. And be honest with yourself. If you had me locked in, you know you'd get bored. The fun for you is the blitz, the scramble, the trick play. That's what your life is about. What your relationships are about."

"You're not a competition," he exclaimed.

"Than what am I?"

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