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Searching for Lilly, Susan Stoker

Story Blurb

The most dangerous predator on the mountain may not be the legendary Sasquatch.

Ethan “Chaos” Watson never expected to use his skills as a former Navy SEAL and current search and rescue expert to track down Bigfoot. But when a paranormal investigator goes missing while filming in the mountains near Fallport, Virginia, Ethan and his team are called in to find the man. A task made harder when they’re trailed by a camera crew.

Camerawoman Lilly Ray was already reaching the end of her rope on the hokey, ridiculous paranormal shoot. Now the producer has ordered her to stick to the SAR team to get their every move on video. Admittedly not a hardship; she noticed Ethan her first day in town, and the more time they spend together, the more attracted she becomes. When the search stretches on for days, then weeks, it seems clear her co-worker didn’t just wander off trail, getting lost in the woods. Foul play is evident, and soon, everyone on the cast and crew is suspect. As the team steps up their search, someone is equally determined to use the disappearance to their advantage. Then Lilly herself goes missing, and Ethan and his team will turn over every rock and leaf in the Appalachians to locate her…before it’s too late. He wasn’t looking for love, but it found him anyway—and he’s not letting anyone take away the woman who’s become his whole world.

My Thoughts/Opinion

I have a friend who is a huge Susan Stoker friend, so I was excited to pick up this book and check her out. The writing is very strong and the story flowed smoothly. I was surprised that the real inciting incident didn't happen until halfway through the book, but once that happened, it was a fun white-knuckle ride.

Favorite Quote/Scene: “Life's too short to do something you aren't passionate about. Money's all well and good, but at the end of the day, it's the relationships you form, the people you meet, and how often you laugh that matters."

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