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Only a Fling, Delancey Stewart

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Story Blurb

My new boss is a former fighter pilot -- and it should be illegal to be that hot. But this city-boy condo builder doesn't know the first thing about construction in a place like Kasper Ridge.

Will hired me to oversee the renovation at the old Kasper Ridge Resort - a job that will make my company and guarantee that Papa can live comfortably to a very old age. I just need to keep my eyes on the prize.

And the prize is not Will Cruz's ocean blue eyes or those rock-hard abs. Besides, all those muscles and that killer smile are temporary. I've lived in the mountains long enough to know that slick city boys don't stick around for the long run.

So I tell myself the things I need to hear to stay strong, hold firm, maintain my distance.

Until Will kisses me one night and I forget pretty much everything I'd been telling myself about protecting my heart.

I know it's only a fling, but what if there's a chance Will Cruz is the one? What if I give him my heart, and he doesn't stay?

My Thoughts/Opinion

It took me a little while to get into this book and connect with the characters, but it was worth sticking with it. I liked the characters' battle of wills to begin with and how they had each other's backs when it counted. Fun cast of side characters as well that will lead easily into the next book in the series.

Favorite Quote/Scene: "Sometimes, it turns out that your paths don't just cross, they intertwine. Because you decide it should be that way...Your life isn't pre-destined. You decide. And you get to change your decisions based on new information."

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