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My Killer Vacation, Tessa Bailey

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Story Blurb

It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation in sweet, sunny Cape Cod—just Taylor and her beloved brother—but discovering a corpse in their rental house has really thrown a wrench into their tanning schedule. Now a rude, crude bounty hunter has arrived on the back of his motorcycle to catch the killer and refuses to believe Taylor can be helpful, despite the countless hours she's spent listening to true crime podcasts. Not to mention her fulfilling teaching career of wrangling second graders.

A brash bounty hunter and an energetic elementary school teacher: the murder-solving team no one asked for, but thanks to these pesky attempts on Taylor's life, they're stuck together, come hell or high tide.

Myles is just there to do a job, not babysit an amateur sleuth. Although…it is becoming less and less of a hardship to have Taylor around. Sure, she’s stubborn, distracting and can’t stay out of harm’s way. She’s also brave and beautiful and reminds him of the home he left behind three years ago. In other words, the insatiable hunger and protectiveness she is awakening is a threat to his peace of mind. Before Myles sinks any deeper into this dangerous attraction, he needs to solve this murder and get back on the road.

But will fate take her from him before Myles realize the road has been leading to her all along?

My Thoughts/Opinion

I'm a big Tessa Bailey fan so it's no surprise that I enjoyed this story. I liked Taylor's sunshine and especially liked Myles' grump. He was a very entertaining bad boy. I loved that both characters were able to bring out the hidden best parts of the other. The plot and mystery were also both compelling. I read this fun, quick read in just a couple of sessions.

Favorite Quote/Scene: “You want that pretty little mouth kissed?”


“Now say it again without stuttering, baby.”


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