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Long Shot, Kennedy Ryan

Story Blurb

Iris DuPree meets August West in a sports bar during her last semester of college. It's the conversation of a lifetime and sends sparks flying in every direction. The connection is undeniable…but the timing is all wrong. August is poised for the NBA draft, and Iris belongs to another man―basketball's "golden boy" and August's long-time rival.

The two go their separate ways, but they often recall that electric night and what could have been. While August has embarked on his all-star life, studded with wealth and fame, Iris's perfect public relationship has become a nightmare behind closed doors. A tarnished dream of fool's gold.

When August re-enters her life, the world seems briefly bright again, but Iris's darkest nights are not over yet. To survive, she must build her own strength and trust that her bond with August can endure after all this time.

Even when her fraudulent prince has vowed never to let her go.

My Thoughts/Opinion

Holy Cow - I expected a sports romance and I loved the meet cute between Iris and August. What I didn't do was look at the trigger warnings associated with this story. And boy, I should have. This is probably the most realistic (and terrifying) portrayal of domestic abuse I've read in a romance. August is in the shadows, unaware of the situation, until near the climax of the story. Iris finds her own strength to escape the abusive relationship, and the author does a fantastic job of allowing her to heal and grow and value herself. I'm so happy the characters battled for their HEA. What an emotional rollercoaster!! If you're looking for an angsty rip-your-heart-out story, this one is for you.

Favorite Quote:

“If you were mine, Iris there would be no doubt what position you’d hold in my life. You’d be center. I’d play you at the five.”

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