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Just Haven't Met You Yet, Sophie Cousens

Story Blurb

Hopeless romantic and lifestyle reporter Laura’s business trip to the Channel Islands isn’t off to a great start. After an embarrassing encounter with the most attractive man she’s ever seen in real life, she arrives at her hotel and realizes she’s grabbed the wrong suitcase from the airport. Her only consolation is its irresistible contents, each of which intrigues her more and more. The owner of this suitcase is clearly Laura’s dream man. Now, all she has to do is find him.

Besides, what are the odds that she’d find The One on the same island where her parents first met and fell in love, especially as she sets out to write an article about their romance? Commissioning surly cab driver Ted to ferry her around seems like her best bet in both tracking down the mystery suitcase owner and retracing her parents’ footsteps. But as Laura’s mystery man proves difficult to find—and as she uncovers family secrets—she may have to reimagine the life, and love, she always thought she wanted.

My Thoughts/Opinion

I enjoyed this book a lot. The author creates such quirky and interesting characters, it's hard not to fall in love with them. Also, not being from the UK, I enjoyed the great world building and setting. I rooted hard for this couple's HEA, and was only slightly disappointed that it ended up being an happily-for-now. Otherwise, a full five stars from me!

Favorite Quote/Scene: "Where do you think the love goes, when no one's left to tell the story?"

Ted looks thoughtful for a moment, then he says, "Someone once told me that growing up feeling loved allows you to go on to love other people. Maybe love is simply a huge chain letter, passed down through the generations. The details of the stories begin not to matter."

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