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Don't Back Down, Sharon Sala

Story Blurb

He barely has time to catch his breath...

Army veteran Cameron Pope arrives back in Jubilee, Kentucky, for the first time in years. He barely has time to catch his breath when he becomes embroiled in a race of life or death for his little niece and a deadly hunt for the human traffickers who are destroying the peace of his mountain town. When he's reunited with Rusty Caldwell—a woman from his past he's never stopped thinking about—he wants to believe they can finally be together. But Rusty belongs to one of the rich families in Jubilee—the same rich folks who scorn the rural families living on the surrounding mountainside. Cameron and Rusty will have to find a way to end the feuding and take down the human trafficking ring if they're to have any chance at happiness.

My Thoughts/Opinion

I hadn't read in my romantic suspense genre for a while so I sought out a popular RS author who I hadn't read before and came across Sharon Sala. She's extremely popular and her books are highly rated so I was excited to jump in. For me, insta-love is a bit hard to swallow sometimes and that was definitely the case in this book. I really liked both Cameron and Rusty, but I wish the story had leaned a little more into a realistic romance for them. I was surprised that this story had so many points of view as well. I've gotten used to usually just the two main characters but there were easily 10-12 POVs in this story. But I think the thing that was missing the most for me in this story was that the entire suspense plot line just flowed from one clue to the next, no red herrings, no failures. Just win after win after win until the mystery was solved. The author is a good writer. A really good writer. Enough so, that despite my drawbacks, I wanted to finish the book and find out the bad guy. Maybe next time I'll look for a romantic suspense that leads more with the romance. This was a miss for me, but super highly rated so you might consider it if you're in the mood for an easy RS read.

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