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Death in the Aegean, M.A. Monnin

Story Blurb

Nominated for an Agatha for Best First Novel!

When private banker Stefanie Adams takes a much-needed vacation to the Greek isles, vowing to embrace opportunities as they come, instead of finding romance and adventure she is suspected of murdering a bride who accused her deceased father of artifact theft. Unfortunately, the newlywed's accusation also ties Stefanie, a former archaeology student, to the robbery of a newly discovered Minoan statue, the golden Akrotiri Snake Goddess.

With two high-profile crimes to solve, Greek police are under pressure, and both crimes lead straight to Stefanie. To avoid Greek prison and maintain her career, Stefanie must identify which of her fellow travelers is the real killer.

Between the light-fingered backpacker with an eye on the bride's jewelry, the travel blogger whose career the dead woman ruined, a flirtatious German tourist who is after more than romance, and the long-suffering bridegroom, Stefanie's task won't be easy. Everyone, it seems, had a motive for wanting to see the last of Emma Keller.

Stefanie's investigation entangles her in a web of danger and intrigue, international crime and long-buried secrets. When she herself becomes a target, Stefanie doesn't know who to trust. As charming Thomas Burkhardt warns, Where Greed Leads, Murder Follows...

My Thoughts/Opinion

This book was a fun and intriguing mystery. The chemistry between Stefanie and Thomas was well written and I really loved that I didn't know until the end if he was a good guy or a bad guy. Hard to believe this is a first novel by this author. I hope Stefanie's adventures continue from here.

Favorite Quote/Scene: Emma's photograph was splashed across the top half with the headline No Answer Yet in Heiress Murder. Stefanie picked up the newspaper.

Unfolding it, she stifled a horrified gasp.

Below the article on Emma's death, her own photo stared back at her.

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