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To Protect, Kristin MacQueen

Story Blurb

She's been the center of my world for as long as I can remember. Staying away from her for the past two years was brutal, but I'd do anything to keep her safe.

When she's taken by the organization I'm working undercover for, I know I'll do anything to protect her. Even if it means ruining the entire case in the process.

It took me a long time to accept he was gone and even longer to move on with my life. I'm finally about to get my happily ever after when my world comes crashing down around me. I'm reunited with him in a horrifying twist of events. Now, I have to make a choice that could change my life forever.

Can I leave him behind and continue with the plan I have for my life? or is my life going to take a detour and possibly change directions entirely?

My Thoughts/Opinion

This is my first book by this author and I liked the premise a lot. A man who was bound by his job, and by his desire to keep the woman of his dreams safe. Definitely star-crossed lover vibes with this one. I wish there had been a little better resolution for the third wheel in their love triangle, but overall a great, quick read.

Favorite Quote/Scene: “You're a hero, Mason, even if you don't believe it yourself." A pang shudders through my heart at the thought of him not thinking he's a hero. He's my hero and he always will be.

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