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Another, Fiona Cole

Story Blurb

The first time I saw him, he entranced me and offered to help me forget my broken engagement.

The second time was on a blind date with no last names and undeniable passion.

The third time, I was eight months pregnant with his baby he knew nothing about.

This time he’s not letting me walk away so easily.

My Thoughts/Opinion

I made myself finish this book hoping that it would be better, but two things kept me from enjoying it. One, the hero was a man-child with very little that redeemed him in my eyes. It was almost enough to DNF. And, two, the original conflict wasn't nearly enough to sustain this book. When the author finally gave the characters another conflict, it felt thin and contrived. I got through this book, but barely. (And just to prove my first point, the quote below is NOT a favorite, just representative. The woman is in labor when this line is delivered...)

Favorite Quote:

“Damn, woman,” he said as the anesthesiologist left. “That needle was huge.”

“Thanks, Ian,” I deadpanned.

“But I wasn’t worried.” He winked and slid his hand over mine. “You’ve taken much bigger than that.”

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