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Once Upon A Royal Summer, Teri Wilson

Story Blurb

A theme park “princess” meets a single dad…who turns out to be a real prince!

Enjoy the delightful royal romance from acclaimed author Teri Wilson and Hallmark Publishing.

Lacey found her dream job: playing a princess character at a popular fairytale theme park in sunny southern Florida. Her diamond tiara might not be real, but the smiles of the children she meets every day certainly are. It’s just too bad that her ex-boyfriend was never impressed with her career choice.

Henry, the crown prince of Bella-Moritz, is trying to fulfill his young daughter’s birthday wish: to be a normal girl with a normal life. That’s why they’re pretending to be ordinary tourists at an American amusement park. Henry lost his wife four years ago, and he’s been going through the motions ever since. But could a meeting with a make-believe princess lead to real love?

My Thoughts/Opinion

I love steamy reads but every once in a while, I'll shake it up with a good sweet and clean romance. And that's just what I got with this book. If a teen or even pre-teen were looking for a romance to read, I would have no issues recommending this one. It's a simple Cinderella-esque story with a twist. While it was pretty predictable from the beginning, the writing was great and the characters quite charming. Especially the prince.

Favorite Quote/Scene: Contrary to popular belief, being a theme park princess wasn't the easier gig in the world, and definitely not a fairy tale.

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