• Michelle Grey

Finding the POSITIVES in the era of COVID-19

It is so easy during challenging times to gravitate toward all that's wrong. Wrong in the world. Wrong in our lives. As we're phasing out of our quarantines, I sat down and started thinking about the positives. For example - I have four kids three of whom live near me. The outlier lives in Denver and she came home to quarantine with us. So even though she's heading home soon, we had a blessed three months of time with ALL of my children close that I would've never had without this season. We focused a lot of our time on playing games, taking walks, and making memories together around the fire pit. Another positive is that I learned to use technology like Zoom to stay connected to people I care about. We've connected with long-distance family way more frequently than we did before. What about you? What positives are you taking away from this strange shared moment in history?

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