• Michelle Grey

An Adventure a Day Keeps the Doctor Away...

I'm not sure Hadley Bruce would agree with that. The heroine from my upcoming release, A Chance Worth Taking, is about as risk averse as they come. Her goal in life is to create something she's never had - a safe, financially secure future. There's no time in her plan for adventure. But visiting the San Juan Mountain Region is a breathtaking experience. Both because of it's beauty and the altitude. It seems like everywhere you look, amazing scenery awaits.

With Noah leading the way, Hadley explored many of the area's attractions, including the Million Dollar Highway and the Durango-Silverton Small Gauge Railroad. In fact, it's on this trip that Hadley considers letting down her guard, throwing caution to the wind, and giving in to the temptation of a fling with Noah.

You can read about their discovery of the area, and of each other, on March 24th. Can't wait for you to meet them!!

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