• Michelle Grey

Behind the Scenes with an Indie Author

For most indie authors, writing is a passion and a pursuit. It’s also, in many cases, a labor of love long before it ever becomes a revenue stream.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is visit with readers – at book club gatherings or book signings. It never ceases to amaze me how encouraging readers are and how quick they are to want to spread the word about the stories we write. It is incredibly humbling, and more appreciated than you’ll ever know, to hear you ask “how can we help?”

In answer to that question, there’s one thing that EVERY indie author covets. It’s not the sales numbers, or the publishing ranking, although those things are valuable. The thing indie authors covet above all else is a public, forthright and honest review of their work.

Reviews are a valued currency in the indie author universe. Reviews often lead to discoverability – the most elusive goal of every indie author swimming in an ocean of talent.

So, the next time you read an indie book, embrace your power and write a review. Good, bad, or otherwise, we grow from your insights.

Do you value reviews when deciding to buy? What’s the last book you bought based on the reviews? And did it live it up to your expectation?


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