• Michelle Grey

Turning a Whisper into a Scream

Seven years ago, September 2009, I sensed something different with my body. Not necessarily scary, just different.

Different enough, though, that it prompted a trip to the doctor’s office. Long story short, within a week I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I didn’t realize it at the time, but listening to the subtle changes in my body saved my life.

Since then, I’ve done a lot of research on ovarian cancer. A LOT. There’s so much information on treatments, case studies, stages, recurrence, and statistics. But in all that research, the most incredible takeaway I got was that when ovarian cancer is discovered early, the five-year NED (no evidence of disease) rate is 92%. I WAS STUNNED.

Simple answer then, right?? Just find it early. Except it’s not simple, because the early symptoms can easily be brushed off. Some say they whisper. As busy wives, moms, and career women, we’re often the last on a long list of people and responsibilities. So we don’t get serious until the symptoms get so serious we can no longer ignore them. Sadly, by then, a favorable outcome is much less likely.

So while I take every opportunity I’m given to share the early symptoms with pretty much anyone who will listen, September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month which means I’m turning the whisper into a SCREAM.

I want every woman in America and beyond to know the four primary symptoms of ovarian cancer:


*Abdominal/Pelvic Pain

*Difficulty Eating – feeling full quickly

*Changes in Bathroom Habits

And to encourage you to learn them, I've partnered with several lovely, giving author friends to create an amazing reader's delight giveaway! This contest runs through the month of September, so share it with your friends and help them learn the symptoms, too!

A bundle of twelve, count 'em, TWELVE signed paperbacks up for grabs, including titles from some of the hottest NYT and USA Today bestsellers! Enter to win below!

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