• Michelle Grey

Sea Change

August was a month of firsts.

And lasts.

My oldest granddaughter turned five and started kindergarten. One son started his freshman year at KU. The other, the youngest of my four children, started his senior year of high school.

The empty nest looms large. One year from now, my husband and I will be looking across the kitchen table at each other wondering how almost 30 years of marriage, four children, and two grandchildren happened when we blinked.

I’m not lamenting the upcoming change. I’ve lived my life trying to be present in the season I’m in. And I’ve loved every one. So while sea change is coming, along with at least a few sad and happy tears, I’ll embrace this final year with a child under our roof. I’ll enjoy all the little and big moments that remind me how blessed I am. Because no matter the season and no matter the occupancy of our physical home, four beautiful, wonderful and amazing people call me Mom.

Off To College

Senior Year


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