• Michelle Grey

Readers Rock!

I had the great pleasure during the past week to meet wonderful readers at the Convergence Book Launch Party and again at The Lake of the Ozarks book club, and I'll tell you, there's nothing more rewarding for an author.

We had a blast talking about writing, books, and relationships. We drank a bit of wine and had a few sweet treats. But most importantly, it was a chance to stop for a moment or two and celebrate friendships, new and old.

I owe a huge debt of thanks to Beth Wooldridge from Busy Mom Cupcakes for hosting the release party, and Melissa Winebrenner from Winebrenner Designs, for making sure everything went off without a hitch. Also, a great big thank you to Sue Bleigh and Mariah Swinker at the lake for the invitation to visit with their great group.

If you were at either event this week, thank you for your support and encouragement. As a small, indie author, it really means the world to me. Thank you too, for reading my work, sharing it with your friends, and reviewing it online. You guys really do ROCK!

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