• Michelle Grey

My Valentine's Secret

I have a secret that I shouldn't tell. Especially considering that I'm an author of romantic fiction. But truth be told, I have no huge affinity for all of the hub-bub around Valentine's Day. Oh, sure. I like flowers and nice dinners as much as the next girl, but celebrating love for each other should be something that happens every day, right?

I may be in the minority, but true love is shown in the meal that's ready when I get home (when I didn't even think to thaw something that morning), or the bookshelves my husband is making in the garage at this very moment for my redesigned office. Or the trash that gets hauled out without so much as a reminder.

So, we'll celebrate this weekend (not with chocolate or flowers), but by hanging out together, enjoying each other's company, and watching zombies. (Yes, we're both HUGE The Walking Dead fans). I hope that however you spend Valentine's Day, you feel loved the whole year through.

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