• Michelle Grey

Dog Days of Winter

dogs, spring, warm weather

With four dogs, I think you can safely say we’re a family of dog lovers. We live in the country and during the summer, the dogs pretty much live outside and feel like being inside is a punishment. But during the winter months, they spend a lot of time inside, and you can sure tell that they’re restless and ready for spring and warmer weather.

Come to think of it…I’m pretty ready, too. The weather this winter has certainly been up and down, but we’ve had our share of cold, dry air. I should probably own stock in lotion, lip balm, etc…

Spring is coming though, and for me that not only means a new book release and great opportunities to meet readers, it also means playing outside with the kids and the grands, lots of outdoor grilling, and gardening.

What are you most looking forward to this spring?

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