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Grown-up Daughters

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I’m the mother of four kids – two girls and two boys. The boys are getting ready to exit high school and move into college life, but my girls are a bit older, 21 and 24.

When they were little and life was crazy busy, it didn’t occur to me often what our relationship would be as they entered adulthood. I couldn’t picture them as anything other than the sweet babies they were. Then through the teen years, I was just hoping that they survived to adulthood...haha

But now that they’ve arrived, I have to say that there is something really special about the evolution of our relationship.

This weekend my daughter invited me over to hang out. We’ll probably watch movies, eat too much, and have a glass of wine or two.

It’s such a fun transition. There’s still a healthy dose of mom/daughter conversations and advice, and I hope that never changes, but I also love simply hanging out with them.

More than anything, I’m glad they still want me to. Let me know if you have a tried and true go-to experience with your kids. I'd love to hear about it.

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